• Registration form must be received seven days before the training date.
  • No phone registrations will be accepted.
  • If the class is full, you will be notified of an alternative training date.
  • Registrations & cancellations must be faxed to OIG Training Registration at (217) 786-6921.
  • If, for any reason (weather, sickness, etc.), the class must be cancelled, a voice message will be left at (217) 786-0165 announcing the cancellation. This announcement will be posted no later than 10:00pm the night before the session. It is the enrollee's responsibility to check the voice recording.



Course Prerequisite
Rule 50 None
Basic Investigative Skills (BIS) Rule 50 training within two (2) years of the BIS class
Investigative Skills Refresher (ISR) BIS or ISR within two years of this class


Basic Investigative Skills (BIS)

  • You may be able to register for BIS training if:
    • You want to apply for authorization or to maintain authorization to investigate at your agency, and you provide your job title and a detailed description of your job duties and the name and job title of your immediate supervisor; or
    • You are the executive director ("Authorized Representative"), assistant executive director, or human resource director and you want to attend as space allows for the purpose of learning what is expected of designated investigators.
  • You are not eligible to register for BIS training if:
    • You are a family member of the executive director ("Authorized Representative"), assistant executive director, or human resource director.
    • You are a member of a union that represents employees at the agency/facility.
    • You have been substantiated to have committed abuse or neglect.

Before registering agency staff for BIS training, agency OIG liaisons must obtain prior approval from Barry Smoot, OIG Protocol Coordinator. You may contact Mr. Smoot at (618) 993-7442.  Please note that approval of registrations are made on a case by case basis, and there may be other instances when someone would not be approved to register for BIS training.