Computer -Telephony Assistance System (C-TAS)

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

What is the purpose of this service?

Computer-Telephony Assistance System (C-TAS) is a full function, automated call center system. The system has thirteen incoming 800 lines and can handle 216 simultaneous calls. Trained caseworkers provide information and assistance during business hours. The Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is available 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week.

Who can recieve these services?

  • Public assistance clients
  • Personal assistants for people with disabilities who work through the DHS Office of Rehabilitation Services 
  • Child care providers and Child Care Centers who are paid by the DHS, plus parents or guardians of children in their care 
  • Families of children with disabilities who are enrolled in the Family Assistance Program

What services are offered?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System gives responses (in English and Spanish both voice and TTY) to the requests of:

  • Public Assistance
  • TANF
  • Child Support Pass-through and AABD
  • Benefits for Food Stamps
  • Grant Amount and Available Date
  • Case Status on Food Stamps
  • Grants Active, Cancelled, and Suspended 

Child Care Billing - Using speech recognition technology. Two ways to input data: Telephone Key Pad and Speech Recognition in both Spanish and English.  It will capture data during call, upload to Child Care Tracking System which will enable automatic input for payment processing.

The Date and Amount of Next Payment in the Family Assistance Program.

How to Use?

DHS HelpLine

Voice: (800) 843-6154
TTY: (800) 447-6404  C-TAS TTY Users - Instructions on how to use C-TAS with TTY.

Child Care Provider Information Line

Voice: (800) 804-3833
TTY: (877) 434-1082

More Info & Resources

What is C-TAS? In December 2001, the Illinois Department of Human Services implemented a computer-telephony assistance system to improve its capacity to provide customer service to agency customers and providers. The C-TAS system supports activities of call center agents who respond to phone calls from public assistance clients, out of state agencies, legislative bodies and the general public. Computerized interactive voice response applications provides services to many people who do business with Human Services. Childcare workers, personal assistants for people with disabilities and families of children with disabilities can dial the C-TAS 800 number at any hour of the day or night to get information about the status of their next payment.

DHS Office Locator

DHS Help Line

  • 1-800-843-6154 or Email Us
  • 1-866-324-5553 TTY