Child is identified as needing an evaluation.

  2. EVALUATION(to determine eligibility) and ASSESSMENT

    **PARENT PERMISSION If you do not give your consent for the initial evaluation, the local Child and Family Connections may initiate an impartial hearing for resolving parent/provider disagreements.

  3. IFSP

    You may determine whether your child, or other family members will accept or decline any early intervention services under this program in accordance with State law. You may also decline such a service after first accepting it, without jeopardizing other early intervention services under this program.


    NOTE: If you disagree with the Illinois Early Intervention Services System on the 1) identification, 2) evaluation, 3) placement of your child, or 4) provision of appropriate early intervention services to your child or family, you have the right to a timely administrative resolution of your concerns. Confidentiality rules apply throughout the entire process.