The system provides identical functions for voice callers (both English and Spanish speaking) and for deaf, hard or hearing or speech-impaired persons who communicate in either English or Spanish using TTY. C-TAS provides the same "24x7" access for TTY users as for hearing callers.

How does C-TAS work with TTY?

A computer-generated TTY tone communicates with the calling party offering a series of menu options. Based on the menu selection chosen by pressing a number key on the TTY, the caller is forwarded a queue to wait for the next available agent, to the Quick Answer System or is transferred to a program office.

Older model TTY's without direct connected, use the telephone keypad to make menu selections. Ameriphone Dialogue III-P TTY's (distributed by ITAC Illinois) use a code plus the number. Ultratec 4425 TTY's can also access the system but use a different code plus number to make the selection.

Instructions for TTY Users

Make the TTY call in the usual manner. If the automated system is operating correctly, there will be an announcement telling you what to do.

  • Ameriphone Dialogue III-P TTY
    • When the system prompts you to push a number, hold down SHIFT and CTRL (at the same time) and push D. Tone Signal Mode will appear on the screen. Push the number of the menu to make your selection.
  • Ultratec 4425 TTY
    • When the system prompts you to push a number on your phone, push CTRL and I (at the same time), then push the number of the menu, then push the RETURN key. Repeat this action for each menu selection.