Consent means that: 1) you have been fully informed of all information relative to the activity for which consent is sought, in your native language or other mode of communication; 2) you understand and agree in writing to the carrying out of the activity for which your consent is sought, and the consent describes that activity and lists the records (if any) that will be released and to whom; and 3) you understand that the granting of consent is voluntary on your part and may be revoked at any time.

Your written consent must be obtained before: 1) conducting the initial evaluation and assessment of your child; and 2) initiating the provision of early intervention services. If you do not give consent, the Illinois Early Intervention Services System shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that you:

Native Language, where used with reference to persons of limited English proficiency, means the language or mode of communication normally used by the parent of an eligible child.

  1. Are fully aware of the nature of the evaluation and assessment or the services that would be available; and
  2. Understand that your child will not be able to receive the evaluation and assessment or services unless consent is given.

If you do not give your consent for initial evaluation, the local service system provider may provide encouragement by: 1) providing you with relevant literature or other materials; 2) offering you peer counseling to enhance your understanding of the value of early intervention and to address your concerns about participation in the Illinois Early Intervention Services System; and 3) periodically renewing contact with you, on an established time schedule, to determine if you have changed your mind concerning the desirability of recommended procedures or services.

If you do not give your consent for the initial evaluation, the Early Intervention Services System may initiate an impartial hearing for resolving parent/provider disagreements, including impartial hearing procedures.

In addition, as the parent of a child eligible under the IDEA Early Intervention Program, you may determine whether your child, or other family members will accept or decline any early intervention services under this program in accordance with State law. You may also decline such a service after first accepting it, without jeopardizing other early intervention services under this program.

Finally, regarding personally identifiable information collected, used, or maintained under the IDEA Early Intervention Program, you have the right to written notice of and written consent to the exchange of this information among agencies consistent with Federal and State law.

Personally Identifiable means that information includes: 1) the name of your child, your name, or other family member; 2) the address of your child; 3) a personal identifier, such as your child's or your social security number; or 4) a list of personal characteristics or other information that would make it possible to identify your child with reasonable certainty.

(See section on Confidentiality of Information.)