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Family Meals

Offering Foods the Family Is Eating

  • Eating together makes mealtime family time.
  • Offer your baby mashed or finely chopped foods the family is eating.
  • Include a variety of new foods. Then, let your baby decide how much to eat.
  • Getting used to new foods takes time.

It may take up to 10 tries before your baby likes a new food.

  • Let your baby try to feed himself. He is learning a new skill and needs the practice.
  • Meat can be harder and take more time to chew, watch to make sure baby does not choke.

Foods to Offer Baby Each Day (8-12 months)

Breast milk or Formula

  • Breast milk: 3-4 feedings
  • Formula: 24-32 ounces

Vegetables and Fruits

  • (3-4 Tablespoons)
  • Cooked and pureed, mashed, or chopped

Grain Products

  • (4-6 Tablespoons)
  • Infant cereal (with iron)
  • Toast, crackers, or dry breakfast cereals

Protein-Rich Foods

  • (1-3 Tablespoons)
  • Pureed or chopped cooked lean meat, poultry, fish, egg yolk, cheese, yogurt or mashed legumes

Offer 3 Meals and 3 Snacks Each Day

AM Meal

  • Breast milk*
  • Infant/Dry cereal

AM Snack

  • Soft fruit
  • Yogurt

Lunch Meal

  • Breast milk
  • Cooked vegetable
  • Cooked potato
  • Mashed legumes

PM Snack

  • Crackers
  • Small pieces of cheese


  • Breast milk
  • Green beans
  • Chopped meat
  • Soft fruit
  • Bread

PM Snack

  • Breast milk
  • Infant/Dry cereal

*or infant formula

Your baby learns from watching you eat. If you make healthy choices your baby will too.

DHS 4369D (R-04-11) FYB - Family Meals
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