Administered by: Bureau of Maternal and Infant Health

The Newborn Hearing Screening Program, required by the Hearing Screening for Newborns Act (410 ILCS 213), identifies infants born with congenital hearing loss and ensures they are provided with amplification devices and therapy by six months of age. The Program is a collaboration between the Illinois Departments of Human Services (IDHS), Public Health (IDPH), and the University of Illinois at Chicago's Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC). The Program services include training for providers on screening and referral; parent information; diagnostic evaluation; and follow-up.

Newborns are screened before being sent home and the screening results are sent to IDPH. When screening indicates that the infant may not have normal hearing, the infant's parents and physician are notified so that the infant can be referred for diagnostic testing. These testing results are also reported to IDPH. Infants with diagnosed hearing loss are referred to DSCC and the Part C (Early Intervention) program for therapeutic services.


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