Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board

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Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board
815-823 East Monroe Street
Springfield, IL 62701


The Department of Human Services was charged with the task of convening an oversight board for the Redeploy Illinois Program.  The Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board (RIOB) identifies jurisdictions to participate in the Redeploy Illinois Program.  The board identifies resources to support on-going monitoring, administration and evaluation of the Redeploy Illinois Program, and to support training.  The RIOB is also responsible for developing a formula for reimbursement of local jurisdictions for local community-based services utilized in lieu of commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice.  The Board also formulates a schedule of charges levied against local jurisdictions for commitments above the agreed upon limit in the approved plan.  On an annual basis, the RIOB prepares a report to the Governor and the General Assembly on the progress of the Redeploy Illinois Program.

Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board Members

  • Karrie Rueter, Associate Director - Illinois Department of Human Services - Chairperson
  • Anne Studzinski - Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition - Vice Chairperson
  • Janet Ahern - Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
  • Betsy Clarke - Juvenile Justice Initiative
  • Rich Adkins - Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
  • Honorable George Timberlake - Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission 
  • John Maki - Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
  • Heidi Mueller - Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Peter Parry - Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender
  • Mary Reynolds - Illinois State Board of Education 
  • Timothy Snowden - Kids Hope United
  • Pamela Rodriguez - TASC
  • Rick Velasquez - Youth Outreach Services
  • Paula Wolff - Illinois Justice Project
  • Vacant - Representative of the Defense Bar
  • Vacant - Representative of the Probation
  • Vacant - Judicial representation 


  • Karrie Rueter, Associate Director - IDHS/Division of Family and Community Services
  • The Honorable John Payne - Redeploy Program Consultant - Illinois Collaboration on Youth
  • Steve Sawyer - Redeploy Program Consultant - Illinois Collaboration on Youth
  • Angelica Jimenez - Illinois Collaboration on Youth
  • Esther Franco-Payne - Illinois Justice Project
  • Shamsideen Balogun - Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
  • Erica Hughes - Program Coordinator - Illinois Department of Human Services