Administered by: Bureau of Positive Youth Development

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention-Primary program uses many different approaches in its effort to reduce teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS. One of the most important approaches is grantees work with a local advisory group to conduct their community needs assessments to determine unmet need within their community. Because community input is an important factor in achieving success at the local level, program providers must conduct their assessment during the 1st quarter of the new fiscal year and it must be based on the incidence of teen pregnancy and the level and type of related services currently available for the population to be served.

Research has shown working with community partners planning a wide range of sexuality and HIV education, reproductive health information and referral, healthy life choice curricula, self-esteem building, and /or programs to encourage young people to participate in a community service can be effective in delaying the onset of sex, increasing the use of contraception and decreasing teen pregnancy.