Administered by: Bureau of Childhood Development

The Healthy Families Illinois (HFI) program is a voluntary home visitation program that works with expectant and new parents who may be at risk for problems in parenting, including child abuse/neglect. Through intensive home visiting, HFI works to strengthen the parent/child relationship, promote positive parenting and healthy child growth and development. Home visits are offered weekly for the first six months and may continue for up to five years, with the length and frequency determined by the needs of the family. Home visitors model positive parenting skills and provide information on child growth, development and safety.

The program also assist parents in identifying/meeting their own educational/employment goals. DHS funds fifty-one HFI programs throughout the state where the thirty-nine Department-administered programs target parents prenatally or shortly after birth and the twelve sites sub-contracted through a not for profit agency target first time teen parents.

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