SNAP Employment & Training Job Placement

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What is the purpose of this program?

To help SNAP clients improve their work skills and find unsubsidized employment which will lead to self-sufficiency.

Who can receive these services?

This program serves able-bodied adults without dependents and noncustodial parents. TANF clients who reach their 60-month lifetime limit and do not qualify for additional TANF cash benefits may volunteer to participate in this program.

What services are offered?

Participants receive intensive case management and follow-up, education, job skills training, pre-employment services, and unsubsidized job placement with retention services. Services may include:

  • basic skills enhancement (reading, writing, and math instruction);
  • access and enrollment in GED (high school equivalency diploma) classes and/or computer literacy training;
  • short-term technical training
  • various job training and job readiness assessments (interviewing skills, conflict-resolution, financial budgeting);
  • mentoring (career pathway development) and counseling;
  • referrals to various community organizations (homeless shelters, counseling).

How are the services provided?

Through contractual agreements with community-based providers or local governmental units. Participants may be referred to the service providers by the DHS Family Community Resource Center. Service providers may recruit participants and coordinate their participation in the program with the Family Community Resource Center.

More Info & Resources

Use the DHS Office Locator to find your local Family Community Resource Center or contact the DHS Help Line at 1 800 843-6154 or 1 866 324-5553 (TTY)

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