Electronic Claim Submission

Electronic Billing is the process whereby a provider submits claims electronically to the Central Billing Office (CB0). The benefits of submitting electronically are: quicker turnaround (increased cash flow), fewer denied claims, and more efficient book keeping. In order to submit electronic claims the provider must ensure that their software or billing entity is capable of producing a file in the ANSI X12 837P or 837I formats. For more specific information on the format and field requirements please refer to the EI-CBO Electronic Billing Companion Guide at: http://www.eicbo.info/downloads/CBOCompanionFINAL.pdf.

Once you have determined that you have the means to submit claims electronically you must decide if you want to submit directly to the EI-CBO or via a clearinghouse each of which have their own advantages such as:


  • Claims are processed the same day they are received
  • No per claim fees
  • No setup fees
  • Minimal testing


  • Can submit all claims to one central location to be routed to multiple payers
  • Have the ability to convert non-compliant formats into ANSI X12 files

* Please ensure your clearinghouse has a Trading Partner Relation with THIN (http://www.thinedi.com).

If you need more information or are ready to begin submitting claims directly please call the Call Center at: (800) 634-8540.

Paper Claim Submission.

Claims must be submitted by U.S. Mail, Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS) or other courier service to:

Early Intervention Central Billing Office
PO Box 19485
Springfield, IL 62794-9485