The individual provider must be enrolled with the EI-CBO as an Early Intervention provider before payment for authorized services can be issued. Enrollment can be initiated by contacting the Provider Connections Credentialing and System Enrollment Office at (800) 701-0995 or by accessing their web page at

All Early Intervention services identified on a child's Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) are pre-approved. Services provided without a pre-approved authorization are not guaranteed for payment. An authorization will be generated (Attachment A) by the Child and Family Connections (CFC) office for each service that the provider is entitled to bill for. DO NOT PROVIDE SERVICES PRIOR TO RECEIPT OF THE AUTHORIZATION. THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE IS THE INITIAL IFSP MEETING AS THESE AUTHORIZATIONS ARE GENERATED BASED UPON MEETING ATTENDANCE.

It is the responsibility of the provider to review the authorization immediately upon receipt to verify that all of the information is correct: payee information, frequency, intensity of service to be provided, time frame for which services are to be provided, place of service (onsite/offsite) etc. If there is a discrepancy the provider should contact their local Child and Family Connections office immediately (prior to service provision) to request that the authorization be corrected.

Providers must refer to the child's IFSP to determine the place of service, location, procedure code, frequency and intensity of service to be provided. The local Child and Family Connections Office sends the detailed report to the provider verifying that services are authorized.

Requests for assistive technology devices require medical review and prior approval before an authorization can be issued with the exception of ear molds for hearing aids. DHS is responsible for issuing the prior approval. The authorization will not be generated until the Child and Family Connections receives the prior approval from DHS. All services, including AT items, must be delivered to the family prior to billing insurance or the EI-CBO. The vendor must ensure the receipt of the AT item(s) by the family. Vendors are responsible for replacing items not received by the family, at no additional cost to Early Intervention, regardless of the method of delivery.