Reading an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

The Child and Family Connections (CFC) office enters authorizations for Early Intervention (EI) services into the Cornerstone system. Cornerstone is a statewide management information system developed to facilitate the integration of community maternal and child health services provided to Illinois residents by the Illinois Department of Human Services, and to effectively measure health outcomes. Once the CFC enters the information into Cornerstone, it is then available in report format via the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). All members of a child's multidisciplinary team will also be identified on this report.

The IFSP allows the service coordinator to print a single report containing all the information captured in Cornerstone that is pertinent to the IFSP. The report is generated by the service coordinator after developing the IFSP. This is a family-focused document that contains important information regarding the child and the family. The IFSP is given to the family and service providers, as well as to other related parties as necessary.


The following tips are provided to avoid delays in the processing of your claims:

  • Upon receipt, verify that all information on the Service Authorization is correct. If ANY information is not correct, contact the local Child and Family Connections office immediately.
  • Claims will be paid only if the service provided matches the procedure code and location on the service authorization.
  • If you believe the child requires increased frequency or length of service, or additional services beyond what you have been authorized to perform, please contact the local Child and Family Connections office immediately to request an IFSP meeting to address your concerns.

If you have questions regarding a service authorization, contact the local Child and Family Connections office that generated the authorization. A current listing of CFC's can be found on the EI-CBO web site, and the DHS Early Intervention web site.