Attachment 4: Procedure To Order Eyeglasses (pdf)

Please monitor the EI website for changes to procedures to order eyeglasses.

Child and Family Connections

All families enter the system through one of 25 statewide intake points which are known as "Child and Family Connections" (CFCs). Upon determination of eligibility, the family will be assigned a CFC Service Coordinator for direct service. If it is determined that a child needs an Optometric examination, the referral will come to the provider from the child/family's Service Coordinator at the CFC. All services are pre-authorized. If the provider accepts the referral, the Service Coordinator will generate an authorization for vision services. The provider will receive the authorization by mail, fax or both. The authorization will allow the provider to bill the Central Billing Office (CBO) for the following:

  • Optometric examination
  • Dispensing fee if it was determined that a child requires eyeglasses.


Eyeglasses for eligible children are purchased through the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). Upon conformation of enrollment the provider should contact IDOC at 800/523-1487 to request the frame kit and optical prescription order forms. The provider is responsible for paying the deposit to IDOC for the frame kit. If the provider determines that a child needs eyeglasses the provider must use the following procedure to place the order.

  • Show the frame kit to the family and help them choose a frame for their child.
  • Complete the optical prescription order form and attach the order form to the claim form.
  • Submit the claim form, along with the order form to the CBO.
  • The CBO will generate the authorization for eyeglasses and fax/mail the authorization and order form to IDOC.
  • IDOC will make the eyeglasses and send them directly to the provider to fit the child.
  • The CBO will send a copy of the IDOC authorization and order form to the CFC to update the child's permanent record.

Early Intervention will pay for the following:

  • Frames chosen from the Early Intervention frame kit
  • Lenses - single vision - spheres and compounds (either plastic or glass)
  • Special lenses (myodisc, lenticular nonaspheric, lenticular aspheric, and not otherwise classified)
  • Bifocals - spheres and compounds
  • Single vision polycarbonate lenses (medically required)
  • Bifocal polycarbaonate lenses (medically required)
  • Photogray (medically required)

If you have questions about the process to order eyeglasses, please contact the Bureau of Early Intervention at 217/782-1981.