Attachment 2: Use Of Associate Level Providers (pdf)

Please monitor the EI website for changes to the use of associate level providers.


No individual shall exempt from compliance with any and all State licensing requirements and/or supervisory requirements pertinent to the individual's delivery of services.

In order to enlist the widest pool of qualified service providers, Early Intervention supports the appropriate use of credentialed, non-enrolled associate level providers who function under the guidelines which follow and whose services are billed for by their credentialed, enrolled supervisor.


  1. Each credentialed associate level provider shall be supervised by a Specialist credentialed/enrolled in the same discipline. (Attachment 3 identifies the requirements for professional and associate level credentialing and enrollment.)
  2. The credentialed/enrolled specialist shall:
    1. evaluate/assess the child, develop the plan for intervention services required to accomplish Service Plan outcomes and submit evaluation/assessment report prior to Service Plan development/update/review;
    2. instruct the associate level provider about the intervention services to be provided;
    3. reassess the child as determined by the child's Service Plan and any licensure requirement for the enrolled specialist or associate level staff at least prior to each Service Plan update/review;
    4. revise the intervention activities as needed;
    5. approve all methods and materials selected to implement the intervention plan;
    6. for each child to which an associate level provider provides intervention services, conduct direct supervision during client services at a minimum of once each month;
    7. submit direct service report prior to each Service Plan update/review and more often if the child's progress/lack of progress warrants;
    8. submit bills for services provided by the associate level provider;
    9. participate in Service Plan development/update/review; and
    10. follow supervision requirements as set forth in his/her licensure or other certification standards.
    11. Under IFSP development requirements, consult with other members of the child's team and the child's physician concerning the child's developmental needs or the impact of special health care needs on services.
  3. The credentialed associate level provider shall:
    1. provide services only as instructed by the supervising Specialist, who is credentialed/enrolled in the same discipline;
    2. record all early intervention services provided, including time in/time out;
    3. report all changes in a child's condition to the supervising specialist;
    4. check authorization to make sure you are identified in the comment field as the provider of direct service under your supervisor; and
    5. if the associate's name does not appear in the comment field of the authorization, contact the child's service coordinator to correct the oversight.
  4. The credentialed associate level Audiologist or Speech-Language Pathologist in his/her supervised professional experience shall:
    1. provide services only as instructed by the supervising Specialist who is credentialed/ enrolled in the same discipline;
    2. provide services consistent with the "Illinois Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Practice Act" which includes evaluation / assessment and service plan development; and
    3. follow the guidelines as listed in 1, 2, and 3 above, except the restriction in (2)(a) that does not allow the associate to provide evaluation / assessment or service plan development.

NOTES: Supervisory time is non-billable time and is considered to be administrative time that is part of the rate paid. Evaluation, Assessment and IFSP Development time as defined in this document is billable by the credentialed, enrolled provider only, unless otherwise stated.