Service Descriptions

Social work and other counseling services are diagnostic or active clinical treatments provided with the intent to reasonably improve the child's physical or mental condition or functioning. Social work and other counseling services include:

  1. Global evaluation to determine a child's developmental status and need for early intervention services (See DEFINITIONS section for further clarification).
  2. Making home visits to assess a child's living conditions and patterns of parent-child interaction to determine the need for social work or other counseling services;
  3. Preparing a social or emotional developmental assessment of the child within the family context to determine the need for social work or other counseling services;
  4. Providing individual and family-group counseling with parents and other family members, and appropriate social skill-building activities with the child and parents; NOTE: If it is identified that family members may be experiencing mental health problems that are not related to the eligible child's special needs, it is the responsibility of the provider to refer those individuals to resources other than Early Intervention for services.
  5. Working with issues in the child's and family's living situation (home, community, and any center where early intervention services are provided) that affect the child's maximum utilization of early intervention services; and
  6. Identifying, mobilizing, and coordinating community resources and services to enable the child and family to receive maximum benefit from early intervention services.

Family training, education and support provided to assist the family of a child eligible for services in understanding the special needs of the child as related to the services that the provider is licensed to provide and enhancing the child's development are integral to this service. Eligible child is not required to be present but may be if appropriate. May include such services as support groups, individual support and other training or education for the family.

NOTE: Counselors may only provide global evaluation services to determine eligibility for EI services. Once a child has been determined eligible, if further assessment is required to determine the need for counseling services based upon the services identified above, a Counselor Evaluator must complete the assessment.


Services must be consistent with the provider's qualifications and licensure.

Qualified Staff:System enrolled Specialist credentialed as a) a *Licensed Clinical Social Worker, b) Licensed Social Worker, c) Licensed Professional Counselor d) School Social Worker employed by a school district, or 2) a non-enrolled

Associate credentialed as a Social Work Intern. Interns must be under the direction of their internship supervisor, who must be an enrolled Specialist in one of the above licensed fields. (See ATTACHMENT 4: USE OF ASSOCIATE LEVEL PROVIDERS for more detail. See ATTACHMENT 5: REQUIREMENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL AND ASSOCIATE LEVEL EARLY INTERVENTION CREDENTIALING AND ENROLLMENT TO BILL.)

Billable Activities Global evaluation, assessment, IFSP development (see DEFINITIONS of

With Authorization: IFSP development) and direct service as described above. NOTE:

Does not include medical case management.

Do not provide services without having an authorization in hand. Services provided without a pre-approved authorization are not guaranteed for payment.

*Licensed Clinical Social Workers bill using Procedure Codes and Rates on page 23.

Procedure Codes Modifiers Unit of Service Description Rate
90802 15 minutes Evaluation / Assessment - onsite $11.25
90802 15 minutes Evaluation / Assessment - offsite $13.54
99275 15 minutes IFSP development $11.25
99275 15 minutes IFSP meeting $13.54
H0004 15 minutes Individual treatment - onsite $11.25
H0004 15 minutes Individual treatment - offsite $13.54
H0004 HQ 15 minutes Group treatment (multiple families or group not to exceed 4 children) $ 2.81