Service Description

Health consultation is consultation by a licensed physician, as defined in the Service Plan, who has provided medical treatment to the child within the past year with members of the child's service team who are identified in the child's Service Plan or the child's family concerning the impact of special health care needs of an eligible child on the provision of services.

Consultation services must be consistent with the provider's qualifications and licensure.

Qualified Staff: 

System enrolled Physician licensed in the state where he or she provides services to Illinois children. (Physicians are not required to obtain a credential but must be enrolled to provide EI services.)

Billable Activities With Authorization:

Physician consultation regarding impact of the child's medical status on provision of EI services.

Do not provide services without having an authorization in hand. Services provided without a pre-approved authorization are not guaranteed for payment.

Health Consultation

Procedure Codes Unit of Service Description Rate
99371 N/A Health/Physician to EI Provider $35.02
99372 N/A Health/Physician to EI eligible Family $35.02