Service Description: 

Developmental therapy (DT) includes global evaluation and assessment, IFSP development (see definition of IFSP development) and individual or group therapy services. Developmental Therapy may also be called Special Instruction and includes the design of learning environments and activities that promote the child's acquisition of skills in a variety of developmental areas, and provision of information and support related to enhancing the skill development of the child that enables the child to attain maximum functional level. These activities are coordinated with all other services in the plan and provide assistance with acquisition, retention or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living such as feeding and dressing, communicating with care givers, and the social and adaptive skills to enable the child to reside in his/her home or non-institutional community setting.

Family training, education, and support provided to assist the family of a child eligible for services in understanding the special needs of the child as related to developmental therapy services and enhancing the child's development are integral to this service. Eligible child is not required to be present but may be if appropriate. May include such services as support groups, individual support and other training or education for the family.

Aural Rehabilitation services for Early Intervention are defined under the service description entitled "Audiology, Aural Rehabilitation and Other Related Services". To provide and bill Aural Rehabilitation services the provider must be credentialed and enrolled as a Developmental Therapist/Hearing and have an authorization for Aural Rehabilitation services.

Vision services for Early Intervention are defined under the service description entitled "Vision". To provide and bill for Vision Services the provider must be credentialed and enrolled as a Developmental Therapist/Vision and have a authorization for Vision services.

Services must be consistent with the provider's training and qualifications.

NOTE: Early Intervention does not pay for therapeutic services required for a child to recover from medical procedures such as surgery, etc., or for pre-surgery therapeutic services required by a physician to prepare a child for surgery.

Qualified Staff: 

1) Enrolled Specialist credentialed as a Developmental Therapist or 2) a non-enrolled Associate credentialed as a Developmental Therapy Assistant. Developmental Therapy Assistants must work under the supervision of an enrolled Developmental Therapist. (See ATTACHMENT 5: REQUIREMENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL AND ASSOCIATE LEVEL EARLY INTERVENTION CREDENTIALING AND ENROLLMENT TO BILL.)

Billable ActivitiesAuthorization

Global evaluation, assessment, IFSP development, (see DEFINITIONS section for IFSP development definition) and direct service.

Developmental Therapy

Procedure Codes Modifier Unit of Service Description Rate
96111 15 minutes Evaluation/Assessment - onsite $10.71
96111 15 minutes Evaluation/Assessment - offsite $13.50
T1024 15 minutes IFSP Development $10.71
T1024 15 minutes IFSP Meeting $13.50
T1027 15 minutes Individual DT - onsite $10.71
T1027 15 minutes Individual DT - offsite $13.50
T1027 HQ 15 minutes Group DT (multiple families or group not to exceed 4 children) $ 2.68
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