Thank you for your interest in becoming an enrolled provider with the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Services System to serve eligible infants and toddlers under age three and their families. Following are the Principles of Early Intervention, Important Policies and Procedures, service descriptions in alphabetical order showing billing codes, modifiers if required, and rates. In addition, please review the DEFINITIONS section of important terms used throughout the document. Additional references are in the attachments as outlined below. Please read this document and all attachments, carefully. If you do not fully understand this information, please contact the Bureau of Early Intervention at 217/782-1981 for technical assistance.

Attachment 1: Early Intervention Service Report Guidelines and Format

Attachment 2: Natural Environments Requirement And Worksheet

Attachment 3: Developmental Justification Of Need Guidelines And Worksheet

Attachment 4: Use Of Associate Level Providers 

Attachment 5:  Requirements For Professional And Associate Level Early Intervention Credentialing And Enrollment To Bill

Attachment 6: Procedure To Order Eyeglasses 

Attachment 7: Non-Billable Activities 

Attachment 8: Approved Assessment Instruments

Attachment 9: Early Intervention Public And Private Insurance Use Determination Guidelines

Attachment 10:  Early Intervention Billing Guidelines 

Attachment 11:  Early Intervention Assistive Technology Guidelines

The Early Intervention program utilizes the PRINCIPLES OF EARLY INTERVENTION for service delivery. All approaches to service delivery are based upon the unique needs of each child/family and focus on the coordination of both developmental and therapeutic activities to ensure that all members of the team involved in a child's intervention, including the family and/or caregiver, are working together. The following philosophy applies to Early Intervention:

  • The family is viewed as the primary interventionist in a child's life and the expert in relation to the needs of the child and family.
  • The family and service providers involved in a child's intervention establish a working partnership based on an open exchange of information and expertise.
  • Developmental and therapeutic activities are incorporated into a child's everyday life to naturally emphasize the acquisition of functional skills.

If You Have Questions.....

Below are resources you may find useful if you have questions about the Early Intervention Services System.

DHS -Bureau of Early Intervention

The Department of Human Services (DHS), as the lead agency for Early Intervention in Illinois, has established the Bureau of Early Intervention to administer the statewide Early Intervention Services System. Questions concerning the system, or the service descriptions, billing codes and rates should be directed to the DHS Bureau of Early Intervention at 217/782-1981. You should access the DHS Early Intervention website at for current information and documents that pertain to Early Intervention Policy and Procedures.

Provider Connections

Provider Connections is the credentialing/enrollment office for the Early Intervention Services System. The EI credentialing and Central Billing Office enrollment processes begin at Provider Connections. If you need credentialing/enrollment forms or have questions regarding form completion, call Provider Connections at 800/701-0995 for assistance or access their website at You will also find current information and documents that pertain to Early Intervention Policy and Procedures on the Provider Connections website.

Illinois Early Intervention Training

The Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Training Program provides training and professional development opportunities to individuals and agencies who provide services to Illinois' birth to three early intervention population. Training is provided in both workshop and video formats. The EI Training Program co-sponsors and provides EI credentialing hours for additional training events held by other training entities, develops a quarterly training newsletter and maintains a training website at or you may contact the Illinois EI Training Program at 866/509-3867, ext.250.

Illinois Early Intervention Central Billing Office

The Early Intervention Central Billing Office (CBO) is the claims processing entity for the Early Intervention Services System. The CBO makes payment determination on claims submitted by EI providers based upon authorized services and DHS guidelines. The CBO also submits and reconciles the monthly EI Medicaid claim to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, provides data to assist CFC's to complete an initial verification of family insurance benefits, maintains the family fee system, administers the collections process, is a source of data collection for DHS, provides technical assistance to families and providers and administers the EI Insurance Unit, which bills insurance on behalf of providers. The CBO also maintains the EI Provider database. Upon enrollment with the CBO providers will receive a welcome letter that will provide many answers to questions that may be encountered. For more information about the CBO please visit the CBO website at

Illinois Department of Human Services Central Billing Office - Cornerstone Call Center

The Early Intervention Central Billing Office is supported by the Illinois Primary Health Care Association Cornerstone Call Center. The Call Center operates Monday through Friday from 7:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. Call Center staff, in conjunction with Central Billing Office staff, are trained to answer questions for providers and families regarding the service authorization process, billing inquiries and family fees. Providers receive a welcome letter upon CBO enrollment that will provide many of the answers to questions you might encounter. You can reach the Call Center at 800/634-8540. For more information you can visit the CBO website at

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse provides library and information services to residents of Illinois interested in early intervention issues. The project provides access to a large lending library of books, videos and articles and is a free resource to access information on health, educational, disability and developmental concerns of infants and young children. Other Illinois libraries are available through interlibrary loan. For more information contact the Clearinghouse toll-free at 877/275-3227 or visit the interactive web site at

Illinois Early Intervention Monitoring Program

The purpose of the Early Intervention Monitoring Program is to ensure that state and federal regulations regarding the delivery of Illinois Early Intervention services to infants and toddlers birth to three are met. All Early Intervention Monitors have extensive knowledge of Early Intervention policy and procedure. The Monitoring offices are located in Homewood and Springfield and operate Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Copies of all current forms utilized during the review process and frequently asked questions can be found on the Monitoring website at For more information contact the Monitoring Program at 800/507-5057.