Does your child...

  • Respond to the caretaker warmly?
  • Ask to stay to finish playing?
  • Settle into play easily with a favorite friend or toy?
  • Show and tell you about the daily activites?

As a Parent, do you...

  • Feel comfortable spending time at the child care setting?
  • Find the caregiver responsive to your comments or suggestions?
  • Feel your instructions are being followed?

If not, as a Parent do you...

  • See or hear your child saying or doing things that reflect some type of mistreatment?
  • Notice your child being fearful of one person or returning to the child care setting?
  • Sense your child acting withdrawn, nervous, or having nightmares or ill physical symptoms?
  • Feel your child is suddenly afraid to undress, use the bathroom or bathe?

If you fear there is a problem at the center or home in which your child attends, please notify the Illinois Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N) Hotline as soon as possible at (800) 252-2873 and a DCFS representative will help you; outside of Illinois should call (217) 785-4020.

What Parents should do...

  • Be prompt and let your provider know if you are running late or will be absent.
  • Leave written instruction and permission for giving medication. Label the medicine clearly.
  • Fill out the necessary forms on who to contact in case of emergency, parents' work numbers, and who is allowed to pick the child up if the parent does not.
  • Let the provider know your views on discipline.
  • If your child is sick, keep him/her home - unless the provider offers sick care.
  • Work with the provider on weaning from the bottle or pacifier, toilet training, etc.
  • Talk with the provider about your child's special needs (death in family, family separation, moving to a new home, just went to bed late, etc.)
  • Discuss food allergies and restrictions; and keep the child's immunization current.
  • Dress the child appropriately for the weather. Pack extra clothing in case of accidents.
  • Allow a few minutes of time in the morning and afternoon to visit with the caregiver and discuss your child's day.
  • Pay on time! Be respectful of the provider - this is their job, they deserve to be paid on time.