Every parent wants quality child care, at the lowest cost available, for their child or children. When you choose a child care home or center, be sure it's everything that you expect or want for you and your child.

  • Is the environment safe and clean?
  • Is the child care provider loving and confident with the children?
  • Does the provider serve healthy meals and snacks?

These questions and so many more come to mind when we leave our children with a "stranger" that has been entrusted to care for our children in our absence.

The Affordable Child Care brochure explains the IDHS CCAP (Illinois Department of Human Services' Child Care Assistance Program) and gives a brief description of who might qualify, and lists the address and phone numbers to our Child Care Resource and Referral agencies throughout the state where you might apply for child care assistance; and

Where to go if you wish to become licensed as a child care provider with the state of Illinois. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) can send you a starter kit for licensure.

If you fear there is a problem at the center or home in which your child attends, please notify the Illinois Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline as soon as possible at (800) 252-2873 and a DCFS representative will help you; outside of Illinois should call (217) 785-4020.