The report descriptions are made for the people who are working in the Cornerstone system, it explains what screens and fields affect this report.

Tabular Description of All Kids/KidCare Report (pdf)


All Kids/Kids Care Insurance Report

WIC and FCM Infants and Children by Type of Insurance

Report Item: County

  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Enrollment (PA03)
    • Data Field - address
    • Selection Criteria - Participant locations are based on residential address "as of" the run date of the report.

Report Item: Count and Percent of Type of Insurance

  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Med/Insurance (PA05)
    • Data Field - type of coverage
    • Selection Criteria - Participants with 'blank' coverage type and no medicaid number and no medicaid type income proof are viewed as not having insurance
  • Data Entry Screen - Program Information (PA15)
    • Data Fields -
      • program code
      • program status
      • category code
      • income proof code
    • Selection Criteria - Participant must be active in WIC or FCM as of the run date and also be in a category code of "I" or "C"
  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Duplicate Resolution (PA22)
    • Data Field - participant id
    • Selection Criteria - Eliminate duplicates