Scope of Services

  1. The Vendor will provide the following services and agrees to act in accordance with all state and federal statutes and administrative rules applicable to the provision of services pursuant to this Agreement.
  2. Staff of the Vendor would provide the described functions in assigned geographic areas of the state. Staff will be distributed in DHS Regions as follows. Among the Chicago-based (Region 1) staff, a bilingual (English/Spanish) individual must fill at least one position.
    • DHS Region Number of Staff
       1   5
       2  3
       3  2
       4  3
       5  2
  3. The Vendor, with written approval of the Department, will hire staff as well as a "project coordinator" to perform the functions listed in 3.1 through 3.4, in conjunction with Department staff. The Department can reject a specific staff person and the Vendor must replace the individual within 30 days. These staff must have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in one of the follow areas of study: public administration, health administration, special education, early childhood education, early childhood special education, child development, nursing, or a human services field and a minimum of one year of pediatric (with children birth to five years-of-age) work experience is required. Staff must have a valid driver's license.
  4. The Vendor will participate in staff supervision and evaluation in conjunction with the Department. Developing and implementing a compliance monitoring plan, making staff assignments, monitoring completion of assignments, developing and maintaining a database to document the outcome of monitoring activities, and completing administrative functions relative to this contract are the responsibilities of the project coordinator. The project coordinator will be located at the Vendor site.
  5. Other staff hired to provide the described functions will be located in Department offices throughout the state and work individually and/or as a team with assigned Department staff to ensure appropriate delivery of contracted services, as well as strict conformance to Department standards, policies, and procedures. The Department will have primary responsibility to train staff to provide the described functions. The Department will keep the Vendor fully informed of policy and procedure changes relative to these functions.
    1. Compliance Monitoring B -
      • The Vendor, in conjunction with Department staff, will develop and implement a plan to annually monitor a percentage of CFC offices and Early Intervention providers based upon available resources. The plan will include a schedule for monitoring and procedures for ensuring the correction of identified noncompliance. The Vendor will be responsible for making staff assignments, monitoring completion of assignments, and developing and maintaining a database to document the outcome of monitoring activities, including correction of noncompliance. Compliance monitoring activities include: on-site and desk reviews; review of complaints; analysis of survey results; the identification of areas of noncompliance; the review, approval, and monitoring of corrective action plans; and determination of compliance with appropriate billing and fiscal practices.
      • The Department has worked with a work group of Bureau of Early Intervention staff, advocates, and Early Intervention providers with statewide, cross-disciplinary representation to develop a system of provider monitoring for the Early Intervention Program. Staff hired by the Vendor will help finalize monitoring tools, surveys, and other documents. Department staff will also participate in the implementation of the new system of provider compliance monitoring.
    2. Training and Technical Assistance B -
      • The Vendor will provide training and technical assistance to the Early Intervention services system, including CFC offices and Early Intervention providers, on the implementation of program policies and procedures and on issues identified through compliance monitoring as directed by the Bureau of Early Intervention. Activities would include planning; problem solving; data analysis; complaint following-up; and one-on-one and group training sessions. (Training functions do not include those currently offered by the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program,
    3. Conflict Resolution and Representation at Mediation -
      • Staff of the Vendor will work with families, CFC offices, and Early Intervention providers to address issues and resolve conflicts prior to the initiation of a formal complaint process consistent with DHS's interests, policies, and procedures. In addition, staff of the Vendor will represent the Department in mediation activities.
    4. Staff Support to Work Groups of the Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention B -
      • The Vendor will provide staff support to work groups of the Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention as directed by the Bureau of Early Intervention. This support would involve scheduling meetings, preparing agendas and meeting notes, and doing research and producing work products, as needed.