Scope of Services

  1. The Vendor will establish and maintain a system of Credentialing for approximately 5,500 EI Providers as defined in the administrative code for the EI Program (89 IL Administrative Code 500).
    1. The EI Credentialing Office is responsible for all the steps related to Credentialing which include: providing application materials; receiving, tracking, reviewing, and approving application materials; issuing Credentials; renewing Credentials; and updating information about Credentialed EI Providers, as needed.
    2. The EI Credentialing Office will have a system in place to ensure that providers meet the education Credential requirement as defined in 89 Illinois Administrative Code 500.60(d). The Vendor must establish a system which includes the review of continuing professional education and course work/degree program documentation to determine participant compliance and the posting of a searchable database of approved college and university coursework to include course name, college/university, course #, and number of semester hours of credit awarded/core knowledge area.
    3. The Vendor will be required to provide application materials; receive, review and approve application materials; provide payment for review of evaluation reports; and issue a certificate for EI Providers who will provide evaluations/assessments for the EI system.
    4. The Vendor will develop and maintain a database of Illinois' credentialed EI Providers, update the database with new information from providers, and generate reports upon request of the Department.
    5. The Vendor will coordinate the following checks for all providers applying for or renewing an EI credential: CANTS/SACWIS (Child Abuse & Neglect Tracking System), criminal background fingerprint, and Illinois Sex Offender Registry (SOR).
    6. The Vendor must provide training on Credentialing process/issues through sessions offered by the Illinois EI Training Program.
    7. The Vendor must have the capacity to accept fees for credentialing, including credit card processing, if the Department would choose to require such fees.
  2. The Vendor will establish and maintain a system to process enrollment forms. The Vendor will provide enrollment materials; process applications for provider enrollment and notices of changes in provider status and information; review forms for completion; and forward completed materials to the CBO, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and the Illinois Department of Human Services. The Vendor accepts documentation and takes necessary action regarding the additional training requirement for interpreters.
  3. The Vendor will provide technical assistance on Credentialing and Enrolling through the provision of a toll-free phone number(s), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  4. The Vendor will develop and maintain a Credentialing and Enrollment Web site that includes provider Credential and Enrollment applications; a catalog of Credentialed/Enrolled EI Providers that can be indexed by provider, credential, or county; an associate level credentialed provider list; and additional information as requested by the Department.
  5. The Vendor will participate, upon request, in work groups of the Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention.
  6. The Vendor will provide postage and develop and update, with approval from the Department, and duplicate printed materials, as necessary to provide the services listed above.
  7. In the first quarter of the fiscal year, the Vendor will submit a work plan and a line item budget in a format approved by the Department.
  8. The Vendor will submit a quarterly report in a format approved by the Department.