Clinical, Administrative & Program Support

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

Mission Statement

To support the mission of DHS through effective and efficient management of clinical, administrative, and program support services to DASA, DDD, DMH, DRS and HCD.

Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure and Certification (BALC)

Cathy Cumpston, Chief

  • Conducts licensure surveys of Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) programs.
  • Conducts certification surveys of Developmental Training (DT) programs.
  • Certifies Medicaid Community Mental Health (MMH) programs and conducts post payment reviews.
  • Monitors compliance with national accreditation requirement for DRS and DMH community agencies.
  • Reviews and coordinates action on Health Care Worker Background Check Act waiver requests.
  • Conducts compliance surveys of DD PAS/ISSA agencies.

Bureau of Administrative Support (BAS)

Jack Perone Voucher Section Manager

  • Prepares and processes payments annually to approximately 1,100 DRS, 290 DMH, 390 DDD, 180 DASA community providers and 21,300 persons annually.
  • Provides Research and Development assistance in the fields of Budget and Data Support for the four Program Offices, DHCD and other areas of DHS as requested.
  • Provides Fiscal Management Reports for DDD, DASA, DRS, DMH, DHCD and their Community Providers.
  • Provides technical assistance in the areas of Payments, Budget Development and Fiscal Management for DDD, DASA, DRS and DMH.

Bureau of Pharmacy and Clinical Support Services (BPCSS)

Randy Malan, Bureau Chief

  • Administers drug procurement activities including purchasing, storing, repackaging and distributing medication for residents of state-operated mental health and developmental disabilities facilities.
  • Coordinates, provides clinical direction for and monitors activities of pharmacy series staff in state operated facilities.
  • Through a centralized contract, oversees statewide laboratory services providing approximately one million laboratory tests annually for residents of state-operated mental health hospitals and developmental centers.
  • Administers the electronic Prescription Monitoring Program affecting practitioners who write prescriptions and retailers that dispense selected Schedule II controlled substances in the community.
  • Administers DHS portion of the FOID (Firearms Owner's Identification Card) program.
  • Chairs the DHS Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, which is the vehicle for establishing acceptable medications for use in the Department's inpatient facilities.
  • Provides consultation to the Program Offices of MH and DD relative to staffing, ethical, legal, licensing and other operational issues concerning the practice of pharmacy within the DHS inpatient facilities.
  • Serves as User Project Manager for the DHS Clinical Information System.

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