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This section serves providers who contract or partner with the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) to provide human services to eligible individuals and families. 

If you are not currently a provider and would like to become a provider, read Becoming a Provider.

Good Afternoon Organizations,

  This morning, we asked you not to submit budgets to DHS for review before Monday. After today's follow-up meeting on the budget template issues, we ask that you hold off on submitting your budget until Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

This delay does not prevent you from creating and working on budgets. It only prevents you from submitting the proposed budget to DHS. The additional time will allow DoIT to fix the issues that caused the "Error 500" message you have experienced. Additionally, the mileage rate will be corrected. Regarding the data validation error you may have seen, DoIT will automate a rounding feature to accommodate budget submission when the sum of the cost categories is within two dollars (up or down) of the revenue requested. These additional enhancements will fix the errors you have been experiencing when you create the PDF of the budget at submission.

Another email will be sent to notify you when you can submit your budgets. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to address issues related to the deployment of the FY18 CSA Budget Template. Some programs have requested your budget to be submitted electronically on or before May 1. However, because the budget cannot yet be submitted electronically, please hold off on submission. To allow program staff adequate time to review your program budget, please submit it in the CSA System by May 5, 2017. Again, you can continue to work on your budgets in the CSA Tracking System, but do not submit them to DHS until notified.

If you continue to experience budget related issues, please notify us at and include as much information (including a screen shot) of the issue.

Also please note that if you have already successfully submitted your budget to DHS, you will not need to resubmit. No data will be deleted from the CSA system. You should however save a PDF version of the budget for your records.

Once again thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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