To help improve communities by proactively selecting and supporting significant issues relevant to the economic viability of our local communities nationwide, through initiatives that are consistent with GATX's business interests.


501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Strategic Issues: GATX will consider funding programs in the following areas of interest:


  • address the intellectual and emotional development of you children;
  • seek to prepare students academically and socially for successful high school and college careers;
  • provide academic support to youth in higher education;
  • offer comprehensive arts education to our schools, especially those that integrate the arts into the school curriculum;
  • provide adult literacy education, because the underlying success of a child's academic development is parental involvement.


  • address air and water pollution;
  • water or land conservation;
  • beautification;
  • preservation and open space.

Strengthening Families

  • provide adults with skills training and placement services, as economic hardship has a significant impact on the lives of children;
  • seek to prevent violence in the home or in the community, as children need a safe and nurturing environment in order to thrive;
  • enable families to access quality health care services, especially preventive services;
  • enhance family communications and improve parenting capabilities;
  • work to remedy the lack of affordable housing which weakens families' and impairs some families' ability to care for children.

Geographic Commitment:

Priority to nonprofit organizations serving the Chicagoland area.

Grant Award:

Amount varies. While most grants will be restricted to program or project funding, consideration may also be given to: capital support, start up or seed money for pilot projects, and challenge grants to leverage additional community support.


For information regarding the 2006 application process, please email GATX Corporation at

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