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Circle of Service Foundation


To help underprivileged people help themselves and to relieve human suffering.


Qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organizations, located in, and/or operating in Illinois, within a 100 mile radius of Chicago.

Areas of Interest

  • Education - with emphasis on youth & family
  • Health - access and patient support
  • Technology
  • Jewish Community
  • Basic Needs - housing, food, job skills/training
  • Art/Music (very limited funding); for educational and outreach purposes only

Grant requests which cross over more than one focus area often receive higher funding priority by our board of directors.

The Foundation does not consider grants to:

  • individuals for scholarship, research or travel
  • organizations for travel
  • pay off pre-existing debts or deficits
  • political organizations or lobbying activities
  • local organizations that raise funds to send overseas

Geographic Service Area:

Organizations located in and/or operating in Illinois, within a 100 mile radius of Chicago. Priority is given to those located in and serving the city of Chicago, Cook County and Lake County.

Target Population:

Organizations must help underprivileged or needy people to help themselves, or relieve human suffering.

Grant Award:

Generally range between $2,000 - $25,000


No specific deadlines. The Board meets four times each year. Grants are reviewed in the order they are received. Most grant applicants will hear from us within 60-90 days of application date.

Link to Foundation:

All grant requests must be filed online through a link at the above website.

Source: The Grantsmanship Center

(posted 7/28/06 kl)