PM 19-07-04-a

Who Qualifies to Use PSI

Cases in EZ REDE status may use the PSI to complete their REDE instead of completing a face-to-face interview or by using the mail, except for:

  • cases in categories 01, 02, 03, 91, 92, 93text deleted;
  • cases with an income code of 548, 555, 560, 602, 603, 644, 714, 717, 803, 805, 654 or 554 in Item 90;
  • cases with an income source code of 9, unless the income code is 503, 504, 510, 511 or 691; 
  • cases with an Item 90 unearned income code containing a zero dollar amount.
  • cases with a payee designation of CONS, PPW, PPP, TRUST, TEMP, PPNC, PPU, GRDN, RPW, PRN, PRT, PPSA, or an RPY case when the payee does not receive benefits.

Cases Due for a Mail-In REDE

  • (System )Produces Redetermination Application (Form 4764), each month after the close of Schedule 00 for cases with Supplied By code M in Item 80 code 656, the Item 24 date is the next month, and the case qualifies for a Phone System Interview. See Mobius Report #84501005, Cases Due For Mail-In Earned Income REDE - EI REDE Forms (Form 4765) & Phone System Interview System (Form 4764). Included with Form 4764 is Reapply for Benefits using the Phone System Interview and Your Rights and Responsibilities (Form 4892) and the Phone Interview Worksheet (Form 4891) which shows case information the client uses during the automated phone interview and the access codes and password used to access the PSI.   The last day to use the PSI (the 5th of the next month) is included on Form 4764.   NOTE: Cases sent Form 4764 are not sent a Form 1893 as the 4764 is the notice of expiration. 
  • (System ) Enters on Form 4764 the due date (5th calendar day of the next month).
  • (System ) Sends Form 4764 the last week of the month before the last month of the approval period (Item 24 date). For example, if Item 24 is 01/07, Form 4764 is sent around 12/26/06.
  • (System ) Sends a monthly report by Group of cases sent Form 4765/4764 titled, "Cases Due for a Mail-In EZ Redetermination." The report includes Case Name, Case ID, and the Item 24 date, and is broken down by FCRC and caseload. A report is sent even if no cases are selected.

Cases Due for a Face-to-Face REDE

  • (System) Produces and sends Your SNAP Benefits Are Ending, You Qualify to Use the Phone System Interview to Reapply (Form 4893), 45 days before the end of the approval period for cases with Supplied By code F in Item 80 code 656, the Item 24 date is the next month, and the case qualifies for a PSI.See Mobius Report #84660992, SNAP Households Receiving Form 1893 or Form 4893. Included with Form 4893 is Reapply for Benefits Using the Phone System Interview and Your Rights and Responsibilities (Form 4892), the Phone Interview Worksheet (Form 4891) which shows case information the client uses during the automated phone interview, the access code and password used to access the PSI and Guide to Services (DHS 4474).  The last day to use the PSI (15 days from the date the 4893 is sent) is included on form 4893. 
  • NOTE: Cases sent Form 4893 are not sent Form 1893 but are included on the list titled "SNAP Households Receiving Form 1893 or Form 4893".  Do not schedule an office interview for cases that receive Form 4893 unless the call in period has ended and a PSI was not completed, or the unit requests an office interview.  The unit can choose to either complete their REDE using the Phone Interview System or contact the office to schedule an interview.
  • (System ) Sends a report by schedule for the group of cases sent Form 4893 titled, "Cases Due for a Face-to-Face REDE that Qualify for a Phone Interview." The report includes Case Name, Case ID, and the Item 24 date, and is broken down by local office and caseload. A report is sent even if no cases are selected.

All Cases Using PSI

  1. (Client) Completes their REDE using the PSI.  When the automated interview is completed the client gets a completion number.   NOTE:  If the client starts but does not complete a phone interview, a Notice of Incomplete Phone Interview (Form 4722) is centrally sent. Mobius report 84502391 lists the 4721/4722 sent to customers. The client must either complete and return Form 4764, or call to schedule an interview.
  2. (System) Registers a REDE application, and electronically stores the questions and the answers in the Caseworker Tools.  The responses are stored in ACM actuals with a "P" in the verification field.  If the phone interview was completed during non-work hours, the application date is the first work day following the automated interview.  Page 4 of the PF 1 Screen in PACIS will show that the application came from the PSI by a P in the Source field. 
  3. (System) Produces and sends Instructions to Client - Phone Interview (Form 4721), requesting verifications identified during the automated interview.  The date of Form 4721 and the information needed posts to Caseworker Tools for the worker to use in processing the REDE. Mobius report 84502391 lists the 4721/4722 sent to customers.
  4. (FCRC) Review the answers to the Phone Interview (available through Caseworker Tools) and verification received in response to Form 4721.
    1. Accept the customer's statement of the new housing costs amount reported in the PSI interview. Verification of the new amount is not needed.  When a customer reports that someone not listed on the worksheet helps pay their housing costs Form 4721 requests the name and address of the person and the amount they pay.  Determine if payments are a contribution PM 08-04-04-g, a loan PM 08-04-04-o or vendor payment PM 08-04-04-n .
    2. For college students reported in the household, Form 4721 only requests contact between customer and worker to discuss student status. Determine if the customer meets student eligibility requirements (PM 03-04-03-b).
    3. Verification is requested on Form 4721 for customers who report new persons in the household.
    4. Medical expenses for a qualifying member are not discussed during the interview. If a case is coded as having a qualifying member, a request for medical expenses is automatically generated on Form 4721.
    5. Customers receiving medical assistance on a Category 94 or 96 case are asked if there is a change in health insurance. A yes response generates a request for verification on Form 4721.
    6. The customer is asked to confirm continued receipt of three unearned income types if the income is on file at the time the PSI notices are produced. The customer is not required to verify the amount. For Illinois Unemployment Benefits, the caseworker verifies receipt through AWVS. Unless coded for exclusion to central budgeting, Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income, are centrally budgeted. If the case is coded for exclusion,verify receipt through SOLQ or SDX.
    7. For all other income types on file at the time the notices are produced, PSI will ask by person if the income is still being received. If the person is still receiving the income, PSI then asks for the amount. For unearned income, verification is requested on Form 4721 if the reported amount is different than the amount on file. Deny the application only if the amount has changed by more than $50 and the customer has not provided verification (PM 19-03-04). 
    8. For earned income, verification of paystubs is requested if the person reports they do not expect a change in their hourly rate or hours of pay (PM 13-02-00). If the person reports a change, accept the amount of earned income reported during the PSI interview and do not request paystubs. Use best estimate (PM 13-02-03).
    9. Form 4721 requests by person verification of any new income reported during the interview.
  5.  (FCRC) For required verifications, enter the appropriate date to project the frequency and amount.  Change the P in ACM actuals to V to indicate verified. Document in the case record all verification provided and immediately return the items to the unit. 
  6. (FCRC) If the review of the question and answers stored in Caseworker Tools and the case record information indicates that additional verification is needed, send Form 1721 to request the additional information.  Do not require the customer to come in to the office for a face-to-face interview. 
  7. (FCRC) Document when the 10 day response period ends. For TANF, when an expected change in the hourly rate, or hours worked is reported, contact the customer to find out if there is a change in the number of hours worked.
  8. (FCRC) Update ACM actuals and if eligible and no additional verification is needed, assign a new 6-month approval period starting the month after the month the approval period ends. NOTE: When assigning a new 6-month approval period include any Mercury months as part of the new approval period. 
    • If the case receives TANF, code the case that a REDE was completed.
    • If the case receives FHP, and countable income is less than 133% of the FPL, code the case that a REDE was completed. Take appropriate action on any adults in the case.
  9. (FCRC) If changes are reported, make the change effective for the first month of the new 6-month approval period, except for reported additions. For additions, see PM 18-04-07 and PM 18-04-10.
  10. (FCRC) If the client does not respond to Form 4721 or Form 1721 and provide the needed verification within 10 calendar days, deny the SNAP application.  If the missing verification is for an expense deduction, process the application using $0 for the deduction. NOTE: When a client with a denied EZ REDE application cooperates or provides missing verification, reopen the application from the date of cooperation. See WAG 19-03-08
  11. For TANF, if the unit does not complete the required action(s) within 10 days, place the case in zero grant using TA 31/TAR 39 and enter code 2 in Item 34. The case is centrally SWAPPED to FHP after 2 months.
  12. (FCRC)  For Cash cases, if the case remains eligible, and no one in the unit is working, remove the case from EZ REDE status by deleting Item 36 code R.  Item 80 code 656 EZ RD is centrally deleted.  Enter code 651 EE and the 4-digit month/year that the client received their last paycheck.
     For Category 08 or Category 94/96 SNAP cases that meet one of the EZ REDE exemption reasons in PM 19-07-03, enter code RX in Item 36. Item 80 Code 656 EZ RD is centrally deleted.

PSI Reports in Mobius

The Phone System Interview Completed Call Report is available in Mobius in the 8450PS31 and 8450PS32 reports. The PS31 report displays Statewide and Region totals in the All folder and then by FCRC.