The charts in the WAG 25-06-05 sub-topics provide changes in the maximum monthly SNAP benefits, maximum gross income standards, maximum net income standards, and SNAP deduction amounts. Use the charts to compute the amounts of past SNAP overpayments.

To determine the SNAP benefit amount, subtract 30% of the monthly net SNAP income from the maximum SNAP benefit for the SNAP unit size.

Multiply the SNAP unit's monthly net SNAP income by 30%. Round up to the next dollar if the answer ends in 1 through 99 cents.

Example: - $294.00 monthly net SNAP income

  • x .30
  • $88.20 = $89.00

Subtract the whole dollar amount from the maximum monthly benefit for the SNAP unit size. This amount is the SNAP  unit's monthly SNAP benefit.

revised textThe minimum SNAP benefit for eligible one and 2-person SNAP units is $15. When a one or 2-person SNAP unit is net income eligible, but the SNAP benefit is determined to be less than $15, the SNAP unit's SNAP benefit is $15.