text revisedUse the following TARs to approve a Chicago P3 case.

Enter only one TAR for each case. Select the TAR that best describes the reason why the unit has applied for benefits.

Opening a Case (TA 11 or TA 12)
01 Loss of or reduction of Unemployment benefits (UI)
02 Loss of or reduction in earnings due to illness, injury, or other impairment
03 Loss of or reduction in earnings due to lay-off, discharge, or other reasons
04 Loss of employment due to direct participation in strike
05 Discontinuance of Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
06 Loss of or reduction in support due to death of wage earner
07 Loss of or reduction in support due to desertion of wage earner
08 Wage earner enters medical or mental institution
09 Wage earner enters correctional institution
10 Loss of or exhaustion of sick, disability, or insurance benefits
11 Loss of or decrease in government benefits SSA, RRB, Veterans, etc.
13 Release from state hospital
14 Other material change in resources
15 Loss of or decrease in contributions from relatives, friends, or other sources
16 Discharged from correctional institution
17 Exhaustion or reduction of assets
18 Living below agency standards
19 Closed in error
20 Cancellation of TANF
21 Cancellation of AABD(A)
22 Cancellation of AABD(B)
23 Cancellation of AABD(D)
24 19 year old child deleted from TANF case
25 No material change in income or assets - request for medical care

All Other (Specify under REMARKS)

Enter if there was no material change in the client's (or unit's) income or assets within the 3 months immediately before the application and none of the other TARs (01-25) apply.