Grant Writing Tip - General Tips In Securing Grants

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General Tips In Securing Grants

Fund sources want good proposals and are willing to help you. Give them a call and ask questions. However, be certain that you have done your homework first and that you are not asking questions already answered in their literature.

  • Be certain that you are eligible according to their policy and your tax status.
  • Develop your program before you begin your fund search. Otherwise, how would you know where to begin your search?
  • Whether you request funds from federal, state, private, corporate, or a local source, you will be asked to describe the details of your program.
  • Your program must solve the problem in which the fund source is interested.
  • Budget - How much are you requesting from the fund source?
  • If you are awarded a grant, your program and proposal will become a contract.

Fund sources like to partner on programs. If you have one fund source willing to invest in your program, chances are you can attract others.

(Source: Polaris Grants Central)