McCormick Tribune Foundation


McCormick Tribune Foundation impacts the lives of disadvantaged children and families by funding programs that promote child and family development, develop reading and literacy skills, and alleviate hunger.

McCormick Tribune Foundation has two primary giving areas:

  • Special Initiatives: a flexible giving area to support the community through event partnerships or special grants. This initiative is considered by invitation only. Grants include general operations, program, emergency or capital support.
  • The Chicago Tribune Holiday Campaign: 
  1. Child and Family Development - supports disadvantaged children and families through housing, employment and positive parenting programs that help people build productive lives. It also supports certain programs for people with developmental disabilities.
  2. Reading and Literacy - supports reading and literacy programs for children and adults.
  3. Hunger - supports the broad - and community - based efforts of various hunger-relief organizations.

Range of Awards:

$1,000 - $100,000


501(c)(3); greater Chicago metropolitan and suburban areas

Link to web-site: 

For additional information and application contact:

Chicago Tribune Charities, McCormick Tribune Foundation Program Staff,

(312) 222-4033, 435 N. Michigan Ave., suite 790, Chicago, IL 60611