PM 22-04-02-a.

If the client returns cash:

  1. (FCRC) Accept payment from the client or someone acting on their behalf.
    1. Issue a receipt for all cash received. Persons making payments in a form other than cash are not issued a receipt. The canceled check or money order serves as the receipt.
  2. (FCRC) Send:
    • child support payments to:

      IV-D Accounting Unit
      Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
      Division of Child Support Enforcement
      P.O. Box 909
      Springfield, IL 62705-0909 

    • all other payments to:

      Department of Human Services
      Office of Fiscal Services
      P.O. Box 19407
      Springfield, IL 62794-9407 

If the client wants the cash benefits deducted directly from the Illinois Link account:

  1. (Client) Signs Return of Illinois Link Benefits (Form 3660).
    1. Specifies on the form the amount and the reason for the return of cash benefits.
  2. (FCRC) Complete the section titled "For Family Community Resource Center Use Only".

    NOTE: If the client is returning cash benefits to prevent a claim, do not complete Overpayment Referral (Form 2404). 

  3. (FCRC) Fax the form to the Bureau of Food Stamps at 217-557-5345 the same day it is received.
  4. (FCRC) Make a copy of the form.
    1. Give the copy to the client.
    2. File the original in the case record.