PM 22-03-01

Replacing Food Destroyed in a Disaster or Food Loss Due to a Power Outage

(FCRC) Have an FS unit member sign Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food (Form 1989).

(FCRC) Verify the disaster. This may be done by contacting an independent source, such as the Red Cross or fire department, or by a home visit.

(FCRC) Approve replacement food stamps within revised text2 days of the signed Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food (Form 1989),  if the FS unit is entitled. The replacement cannot be more than the FS benefit amount for the fiscal month of the loss.

(FCRC) File Form 1989 in the case record.

(FCRC) Complete Form 552:

  • Item 1 -Complete.
  • Item 2 -Enter the date (MMYY) of the benefits being replaced.
  • Item 3 -Enter 56.
  • Item 4 -Enter 7.
  • Items 5, 6, & 8 -Complete.
  • Items 9 & 10 -Complete for Category 08 cases not active on the regular rolls. No entry is needed for all other cases.
    • NOTE: If the FS unit's address has changed, change the address on the regular rolls before submitting this Form 552.
  • Item 23 -Complete.
  • Item 33 -Enter 13.
  • Item 38 -Enter the amount of the food stamps being replaced.
  • Item 45 -Complete, if applicable.