WAG 21-06-11-f

Payment may be provided for revised textjob retention supports when requested within 30 calendar days beginning with the first day of employment.  Job retention support shall not exceed 90 calendar days after the verified employment. Only authorizerevised text job retention supports if the job is the result of SNAP E & T activity.revised text Job retention support is computed based on the client's workdays during the same 30 calendar day period from the first day employment begins. The total amount ofrevised text job retention supports provided must not exceed $400 in any 12 consecutive months.

To be eligible for revised textjob retention supports, a person must be:

  • employed at least 20 hours per week on a job that is expected to last at least 30 calendar days; or
  • employed less than 20 hours per week on a job that is expected to last at least 30 calendar days and total hours of employment plus component activity equal at least 20 hours per week.

 revised text Job retention supports may include the following:

Non-Transportation Related Expenses

  • special clothing (maximum $200);
  • required tools not provided by the employer (maximum $200);
  • items or services purchased to assist the client in meeting Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) child care licensing requirements (maximum $300). Some items and services included are
    • fire extinguisher;
    • smoke alarm;
    • first aid kit;
    • installation of a telephone.
  • other required items related to the specific job (maximum $300). Supervisory approval is required; and
  • child care, up to DHS maximums (see WAG 06-16-00).

Transportation Related Expenses

  • auto license plate fees;
  • auto liability insurance at the least costly rate, but not to exceed $150 or the cost for 3 months coverage, whichever is less;
  • transportation expenses required to go to and from work at the lowest reasonable cost. If the client's car is the most economical, authorize $3 daily or a rate of 15¢ a mile, whichever is less;
  • repair of an auto (maximum $300). The following requirements must be met before a request for payment for repair of an auto is approved:
    • The client has no other available and suitable form of transportation to and from employment.
    • The client is unable to report to the employment unless the auto is repaired.
    • The client has a valid driver's license and has provided evidence of insurability.
    • The auto, when repaired, will be suitable for the purpose intended and no other obvious mechanical deficiency has been observed.
    • The title and license of the auto is in the name of the client or their spouse.

revised textJob retention supports cannot be used to:

  • purchase firearms;
  • pay bail bonds or traffic tickets;
  • enable the client to relocate and accept employment elsewhere.

Expenses that assist the client in becoming a DCFS licensed child care provider are the only type of self-employment expense permitted.