PM 21-06-11

(FCRC or Provider) To issue a supportive service payment, follow the directions below.

  1. Document the written or oral request for supportive service expenses by making an entry in the case file on Form 514.
  2. Obtain at least 2 estimates for the purchase or repair of requested items, other than transportation.
    1. Authorize the least expensive of these items.
    2. Authorize payment by C-13/C-13c, or as a reimbursement to the client via Mercury. Forward the C-13/C-13c to the appropriate Cook County Field Manager.
    3. To issue SNAP E&T supportive service payment to a volunteer who is a component SNAP only member of a Category 04 or Category 06 case, complete Form C-13/C-13c. Attach a memorandum to Form C-13/C-13c. The memo must say that the payment is for a SNAP only member of the case who volunteered for an SNAP E&T activity.
  3. File this information, along with copies of Invoice Voucher (Form C-13), Invoice Voucher Disbursing Order (Form C-13c), and copies of Form 552 mercury issuances, in the case record.

Completion of Form 552

(FCRC) To authorize a Mercury payment, complete the following items on a blank Form 552 and submit.

  • Item 1 - Complete.
  • Item 2 - Enter the 4-digit month and year covered by the supportive service payment.
  • Item 3 - Enter 31.
  • Item 4 - Enter 2.
  • Item 5 - Complete.
  • Item 6 - Complete.
  • Items 8-10 - Enter the name and address as it currently exists in the Client Database (CDB). Update the CDB, if necessary, prior to issuing the Mercury payment.
  • Item 33 - Enter 30.
  • Item 38 - Enter the total of the amounts listed in Item 80.
  • Item 80 - List the correct needs code(s) and amount(s). Include the 4-digit component designator code for each, in the PERSONS field.

Needs Codes

(FCRC) Use the following needs codes on Form 552 and on C-13/C-13c:

Code Definition
772 Other (books, fees, supplies, etc., excluding child care and transportation)
773 Transportation
786 Employment transportation expenses to get or keep a job
787 Expenses other than transportation, such as uniforms, clothing, and tools, related to a job

Enter 4 (FCRC) or 5 (Contractor), plus one of the following 3-digit activity codes under PERSONS to indicate what the client participated in while receiving the needed service:

200 Job Search
215 Job Readiness
350 Vocational Training
353 Adult Basic Education
354 GED
355 High School
453 Earnfare
454 Earnfare Comprehensive Contract
530 Work Experience
531 Community Work
999 Closed Out

Completion of C-13 or C-13c

(FCRC) See WAG 26-04-01-a and WAG 26-04-02-a for completion of C-13 or C-13c to authorize a direct payment to a vendor for items or services provided to a client.