PM 21-06-10-a

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End the SNAP sanction if the client becomes exempt. If the client complies during the sanction period, they must serve the entire period of the sanction as appropriate, (see PM 21-06-10-a ).

After the end of the sanction period, the person may qualify for SNAP benefits if:

  • an application is filed if the case was canceled or denied as a result of the sanction, or a request is made to add the person to an active case if the case remained eligible when the person was sanctioned, and
  • all other eligibility factors are met.

Ending a Sanction

(FCRC) Complete the following items on the current Form 552 to return a person to active status:

  • Item 2 - Enter the effective month and year.
  • Item 3 - Enter TA 31.
  • Item 4 - Enter 6.
  • Item 15 - Complete.
  • Item 23 - Increase the number of persons listed in this item by the number of people no longer sanctioned.
  • Item 33 - Complete.
  • Item 44 - Complete.
  • Item 52 - Complete, if applicable.
  • Item 64 - Complete.
  • Item 80 - Delete code 242