PM 21-06-08

Before the meeting:

  1. (FCRC & Provider) Designate a representative to attend the meeting.
  2. (Provider) At least 3 workdays before the meeting, send the FCRC Employment and Training Participant List (Form 4333) that includes the name and the appropriate information of each client the provider serves.
    1. Indicate if an in-depth discussion is needed.
  3. (Provider) Notify other interested parties 3 workdays before the meeting.
  4. (FCRC) Resolve any discrepancies between the list and FCRC information before the meeting.

Regular Staffing

  1. (Provider) Before the meeting, complete Change Progress Report (Form 2151A) with the client's activities, hours of participation per month, and level of progress.
    1. Attach Form 2151A to Form 4333 for each client on the list and send to the FCRC.
  2. (FCRC & Provider) Bring case files and background information related to the client to the meeting.
  3. (Provider) Bring copies of the Change Progress Report (Form 2151A) and any revised SNAP E&T Employability Plans to the meeting.
  4. (FCRC) Verify and indicate case status and client's eligibility for continued participation with the contractor on Form 4333.
    1. (FCRC & Provider) Indicate any changes recommended for the client's SNAP E&T Employability Plan.
  5. (FCRC & Provider) File a copy of staffing documents in the client's file.

Full Staffing (in-depth discussion)

  1. (Provider) Before the meeting, complete an Employment and Training Staffing (Form 4334) and send with Form 4333 to the FCRC.
  2. (FCRC & Provider) Review progress reports for each client identified on Form 4333 as needing an in-depth review.
    1. Review the client situation.
    2. Share information which may be unknown to one another.
    3. Discuss new strategies to improve client participation.
  3. (FCRC & Provider) Reach a decision on the appropriate next steps for the client.
  4. (FCRC & Provider) Complete and sign Form 4334.
    1. (Provider) Check the appropriate boxes in Section A to show all services provided to the client.
    2. (FCRC) Indicate in Section B any recommended changes in the client's SNAP E&T Employability Plan (Form 2839).
    3. (FCRC) Check the appropriate box in Section C to indicate case status.
    4. (FCRC or Provider) Schedule a follow-up meeting with the client.
  5. (FCRC & Provider) File all staffing documents in the client's case file.

Mediation Process

  1. (Provider) Notify the Provider Manager within 2 workdays of Family Community Resource Center and Comprehensive Earnfare provider disputes.