PM 21-06-07-g

Use the chart below to determine the number of hours a person must perform community work each month to meet the work requirement:

Amount of SNAP Benefits Number of Hours Required
$165 - revised text$194 20
$123 - $164 15
$82 - $122 10
$41 - $81 5
$8 - $40 1

NOTE: To determine the amount of SNAP benefits a person receives when the SNAP unit has more than one person, divide the total benefit by the number of eligible SNAP unit members.

Use Community Work Information (Form 3673) to verify community work. Issue Form 3673 when a person indicates that they now do or they want to do community work. The form must be completed and signed by a representative of the organization to verify hours of volunteer work performed each month.

For active cases, issue Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721) along with Form 3673 each month and control for return of the form.  The client is responsible for the returning a completed and signed Form 3673 to the FCRC.  If the form is not returned, take appropriate case action.

The FCRC or Provider takes the following actions:

  1. (FCRC or Provider) Verify the SNAP amount and the number of people eating in the SNAP unit.
  2. (FCRC or Provider) Determine the participant's work obligation by dividing the SNAP benefit by the number of people eating together to get the person's SNAP work obligation amount.
  3. (FCRC) Enter activity code 531 in Item 60.
  4. (FCRC or Provider) Authorize transportation expenses to permit participation in this activity.