WAG 21-06-07-g.

Community work includes unpaid work a person performs at a public or not for profit organization, such as a school, church, or a government agency.

The person chooses and arranges their own placement, with input from the worker. Community work provides the person with employment skills and references that can help them get a job.

  1. Entry Into the Activity

    A person may participate in this activity when they have little or no work experience and need to obtain employment skills. 

  2. Activity Requirements

    A person works up to 20 hours per month, based on the amount of SNAP benefits received. Use the chart in Revised textWAG 21-06-07-g to determine the number of hours required. 

    A person who participates in Community Work for the number of hours required, meets the work requirement for SNAP benefits. 

  3. Supportive Services

    Pay for transportation to and from the worksite at the most reasonable rate, to help someone take part in this activity.