PM 21-06-07-f

Eligibility and Benefit Level

(FCRC or Provider) Verify the SNAP amount and the number of people eating in the SNAP unit. A person is assigned hours of Earnfare employment based on their initial SNAP amount.

Determine the Earnfare participant's work obligation by:

  • dividing the SNAP benefit by the number of people eating together, to get the person's SNAP work obligation amount; and then
  • dividing the result by the current state minimum wage.

The maximum SNAP work obligation is 26 hours per month. For each hour worked after the work obligation, the customer may earn the state minimum wage per hour. A customer can earn a maximum of $294 per month, including the amount of the support obligation, if any.

A customer living in a multi-person SNAP unit is deemed to be receiving a per capita share of the unit's SNAP benefits for purposes of calculating the Earnfare hours of work obligation.

Notification and Referrals

(FCRC) Use SNAP Employment and Training Monthly Earnfare Referral and Attendance Record (Form 2606D) to refer participants to an Earnfare provider.

(FCRC)Enter referral code 230 in Work and Training Entry Screen. 

(Provider) Completes Form 2151A  when there is a change. Sends Form 2151A to the FCRC.

Enter code 630 EFCNT in the Work and Training Entry Screen. Enter code 453 for regular Earnfare in Item 60. Set the counter to control the number of months of customer participation in Earnfare employer.

(FCRC) Enter Activity Code 453 in Item 60 of Form 552 when a customer participates in regular Earnfare. Enter the contractor's Activity Manager Code. Replace the activity code with the new activity code or close-out code 999 when a person no longer participates in Earnfare.

Activity Requirements

(FCRC) Use Instructions To Client (Form 1721) to schedule a monthly meeting with the customer. Schedule all meetings so they do not interfere with the customer's Earnfare participation.

During the monthly meeting, review the customer's attendance form. When appropriate, reassess the customer and refer them to apply for revised text SSI benefits.

Supportive Services

(FCRC or Provider) Authorize transportation expenses to permit participation in Earnfare. Issue transportation expenses at the most reasonable cost. If the customer's car is the most economical transportation, authorize expenses at the rate of 15¢ per mile. Authorize payment by Mercury to include all vehicle-related expenses.

Issue CTA Transit Cards only for the number of days the customer reports to an Earnfare assignment and for scheduled appointments with the worker, as well as for interviews scheduled by the Earnfare employer.

Determine the customer's need for clothing for the Earnfare job site. Authorize payment for up to $100 in a 12 consecutive month period, by Mercury or Invoice Voucher (Form C-13).

Provide job retention supports when the customer has obtained full-time unsubsidized employment.

Maintain a monthly recall file for each customer. The customer can only be enrolled in Earnfare for 6 months out of a 12-month period. The 12 months is a fixed period which begins in July and ends in June of the following year.

Thirty days before the customer's 6-month completion date, issue SNAP Employment and Training Notice of Termination from Earnfare Participation (Form 2858E).