PM 21-06-07-e

Assign the client to Work Experience (WE) at the assessment meeting. Enter Activity Code 530 in Item 60.

Entry Into the Component

Use SNAP E&T Participation Review Notice (Form 2503G) to contact a person in WE. Complete and give Monthly Activity Report (Form 2606) to the client. Also give the client Job Search Notice and Report (Form 2329).

If a physical examination is required by the WE employer, completes 3 copies of Referral for Medical Examination (Form 1864). Give the original and first copy to the client. Keep the 2nd copy in the case record.

Activity Requirement - Determine the number of hours a person is required to take part in WE as follows:

  • Step 1 - Total the amount of the GA cash benefit (if any) and SNAP for the month of assignment. If the client is a member of a composite SNAP unit, divide the SNAP amount by the number of persons in the SNAP unit. Add the prorated SNAP amount to the GA check.
  • Step 2 - Divide this amount by the State Minimum Wage.
  • Step 3 - Drop the portion of the hours that is less than a whole hour.
  • Example:
  • Step 1
  • $100 Benefit Amount
    +$122 SNAP benefits
    $222 Total
  • Step 2 revised text$222 ÷ 8.25 = 26
  • Step 3 revised text26 hours WE participation

Person may not work more than the number of hours that is equal to the amount of SNAP benefits plus the GA-TA benefit (if receiving) for the fiscal month the assignment is made, divided by the State Minimum Wage.

Grievance that a person's WE assignment is causing displacement must be in writing and include the following:

  • name of grievant;
  • case number of client;
  • Social Security Number of client;
  • address;
  • work experience assignment (work site); and  
  • why they believe work assignment is causing displacement.

Conduct a hearing to determine if displacement occurred.

Supportive Services

Authorize transportation expenses to permit a person to take part in WE. Issue transportation expenses at the most reasonable cost. If the person's car is the most economical transportation, allow expenses at the rate of 15¢ per mile.

Authorize payment to include all vehicle-related expenses.

Authorize the $5 job search allowance during each 30-day period of participation in work experience.