WAG 21-06-07-e.

SNAP E & T clients may be assigned to the Work Experience component to:

  • obtain a meaningful work experience; or
  • maintain or enhance existing employment skills.

Unpaid work is performed for public or private not-for-profit organizations (employers).

Employers must not use SNAP E & T clients to displace employees.

If a client, their representative, or an employee of the employer believes a Work Experience assignment is causing displacement, they may file a written grievance with the Department.

  1. Entry Into the Activity

    Clients are assigned to this activity based on an assessment of their education, training, work history, and the needs of the employer.

    Consider the client's prior training, proficiency, experience, skills, and vocational preference when making assignments to this activity. Clients are selected for Work Experience, taking into account their skills and the needs of the employer, as slots are available. 

  2. Activity Requirements

    To comply with Work Experience, participants work up to 20 hours per month, based on the amount of SNAP benefits received. Use the chart in WAG 03-25-05-a to determine the number of hours required. Clients who participate in Work Experience for the number of hours required, meet the work requirement for SNAP benefits (see PM 03-25-00).

    Clients must report on time. If they cannot appear or will be late, they must immediately notify the Work Experience employer.

    An initial failure to report to the Work Experience assignment, or failure to attend one day in any 30-day period without good cause, may result in a sanction.

    During participation in this activity, clients may take part in education and training programs, as appropriate, and must meet the SNAP E & T program requirements (see PM 21-06-03). 

  3. Supportive Services

    Pay for transportation to and from the work site at the most reasonable rate, to help clients to take part in this activity.

    Pay for required physical exams before activities begins if:

    • the employer requires a physical; and
    • the exam is not available through a local Public Health Service Agency or the employer.

    A client may receive up to $5 per month for employer contact activity.