WAG 21-06-07-d.

Job Search activities are only allowable as part of another activity. Job Search is a client effort, with staff assistance, to actively contact employers and secure a job. A client may only be assigned to Job Search for 8 weeks in a 12 consecutive month period as part of another countable activity.

Clients must attend all scheduled meetings, including pre-arranged Job Skills Workshops. The client is sent a notice of all scheduled meetings. The meetings include a review of progress in completing the component requirements. Conduct job seeking skills exercises during the meeting.

Nonexempt clients who fail to attend the meetings without good cause are considered failing to comply.

Do not sanction clients who fail to make the required employer contacts if they have made a good faith effort (see PM 21-06-10-c). A good faith effort is determined based on all the facts and conditions of each case.

The client must make a good faith effort to complete 20 employer contacts per month while in Job Search. Ten of the required contacts must be either:

  • the completion and return of an employment application; or
  • a face-to-face interview with an employer.

The remaining 10 contacts may combine any of the following:

  • returning a completed application;
  • having a face-to-face interview with an employer;
  • completing a civil service test required for employment with State, Local, or Federal Government;
  • completing a Job Service screening test;
  • mailing a resume with a cover letter to a recognized employer;
  • for union members in good standing, reporting to the union hall;
  • reporting to a day labor hall;
  • reporting for temporary office service.

Contacts are documented in writing to the worker by the client. The worker may verify the job contact by contacting the employer.

During Job Search, clients must register with DES and follow-up on scheduled job interviews. DES registration counts as one employer contact.

Determine if a client is eligible for Job Search expenses, not to exceed $20 every 30 days.

At the end of the Job Search period, clients who have not found a job, but have demonstrated employability, may continue in Job Search. Employability is shown by the client's education, training, employment history, market factors, personal situation, and experience in the Job Search component.