PM 21-06-07-c

  1. (FCRC or Provider) Discuss Job Readiness Requirements with each client assigned to this activity. A client may participate in Job Readiness for a minimum of 2 sessions per month for 2-4 hours a session. The length of time a person participates in Job Readiness as part of another countable activity may vary. Enter Activity Code 215 in Item 60.
  2. (FCRC or Provider) Use SNAP E&T Participation Review Notice (Form 2503G) to contact a client in Job Readiness.
  3. (FCRC or Provider) Authorize payment for transportation expenses, at the most reasonable rate, for a client to attend Job Readiness sessions.
  4. (FCRC or Provider) Authorize a $5 allowance for component related activities during each 30-day period of participation in Job Readiness.
  5. (FCRC or Provider) Evaluate and provide supportive services on an individual basis. Does not issue ongoing supportive services.