PM 21-06-07-a

  1. (FCRC or Provider) Review and discuss Basic Education Requirements with each client in the activity.
  2. (FCRC or Provider) Use Referral Form (Form 2151) or other locally established procedures to refer a client to an education or training facility. Enter the Activity Code for the type of education program: 353, Adult Basic Education; 354, GED classes; 355, High School.

    Assign a client to participate in Basic Education as a single activity for 80 hours per month. As part of an Earnfare assignment, a client may be in Basic Education for less than 80 hours per month, as long as the total combination of hours (Earnfare and Basic Education or Vocational Training) equals the required 80 hours per month. 

  3. (FCRC or Provider) Use SNAP E&T Participation Review Notice (Form 2503G) to contact a client in Basic Education.
  4. (FCRC or Provider) Use Monthly Activity Report (Form 2606) or other locally established procedures to verify attendance and progress.
  5. (FCRC or Provider) Verify the need for all basic education expenses and their costs. This information must be furnished by the client.
  6. (FCRC or Provider) Authorize payment for expenses using Invoice Voucher (Form C-13) for volunteers. For Category 08 cases, see WAG 21-06-11 to authorize supportive services on Form 552.