PM 21-06-00.

  1. (FCRC and Provider) Explain activity requirements. Give client The SNAP Employment and Training Program (Form 4538).
  2. (FCRC and Provider) If the client is nonexempt, register them in revised textSNAP E & T by entering code 9 (SNAP only clients) in Item 73 of Form 552.
  3. (FCRC or Provider) File copies of all notices sent to the client and all related revised textSNAP E & T forms and information in the case record.
  4. (FCRC) If the client obtains employment or is otherwise removed from taking part in revised textSNAP E & T, document in the revised textSNAP E & T case record the type of employment and welfare savings involved or other reasons for removal from revised textSNAP E & T.