WAG 21-04-03-b.

Adults identified by the treatment provider as having a mental health problem and accepted for treatment must participate in the treatment program unless the adult is employed 30 hours or more per week, is caring for a child under age 1, or is age 60 or over. Include the treatment program in the client's Responsibility and Services Plan.

Failure to participate, without good cause, when there is a currently available treatment slot, results in sanction if reconciliation is unsuccessful. The person must have been deemed capable of participation by a mental health provider.

Provide supportive services to enable the person to participate.

The treatment provider decides what the person must do. Persons participating in a treatment program for less than the required number of hours per week may also participate in another activity to reach the required number of hours if the treatment provider recommends it. When the person is no longer in the treatment program, assign them to another work and training activity.

Hold a joint meeting with the mental health treatment provider and the client if the client fails to make progress on the RSP goals or is in jeopardy of losing TANF benefits.